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"I was referred to Nancy by my cousin for Biomagnetic Therapy. My cousin had told me that she had a treatment from Nancy and had such great things to say about it. I decided to look into what Biomagnetic Therapy was and upon some research I found out all the amazing benefits and just how compelling this treatment was. Not only did I go to Nancy for some treatments in which I felt amazing afterwards but I also decided that I wanted to learn how to be able to do it too! Nancy coupled my Biomagnetic Therapy with Reiki healing as well which made me feel lighter and more relaxed. She is so kind hearted and she truly cares about helping you with whatever your issues may be. I've been to a lot of different healing modalities in the last little while and I can say without a doubt that Nancy takes the most care in treating you and has a lot of experience with Biomagnetic Therapy. She is definitely someone you should go to for any of the list of issues that Biomagnetic Therapy can help with!!" - Liz
"No regrets yet pleased and feeling healthier than ever! Nancy and Biomagnetism have had change my life. For several years I have tried all of the following: the Ciliac food diet/ caffeine free diet, B2, Mg citrate, Coenzyme Qo, Butterbur, BOTOX, ONB, TMS ONS, MA esteroide injection... you name it I have tried it! All this just to treat my weekly migraine but NO RESULTS. Then I met Nancy and to be honest I was feeling hopeless but as soon as we started the Biomagnetism session I immediately felt connected to my body again, I felt lighter and happier. The Migraine is gone. Since then I haven't stop seeing her. You must try! Nancy is amazing ❤️" - Julia G
"When I came to see Nancy, my neck was sore and my shoulders hurting after the long hours of training for an Ironman. Nancy took the time to listen and understand where I felt pain and discomfort. I did not tell her anything about my knee but she knew something was up there as well. She did several treatments with Biomagnetic Therapy and massages. Quickly, I felt much better, relaxed, and I was able to finish my first Ironman. Nancy is awesome!" - Max P
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