What is it?
Biomagnetism is a therapeutic technique discovered by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran in 1988. This non invasive therapy is focused in eliminating the causes that originate, aggravate or impede the recovery of a sickness.

How does it work?
By placing magnets on specific areas of the body we can rebalance the pH levels through the electromagnetic field, which will restore your body to its optimum state of function by creating an environment that is inhospitable for pathogens.

It will diminish the symptoms, re-habilitate the functions of the organism and re-established the health of the patient.

Anyone can benefit from this therapy from infants to seniors whether you want to treat a sickness or maintain your health.

There are no side effects and it can be combined with any other traditional or alternative treatment. In only particular cases this therapy can be denied if the patient has have chemotherapy, radiotherapy, pacemaker or any inside metal battery operated device.

Biomagnetism can help with all sicknesses or diseases mainly the contagious, chronic degenerative, dysfunctional, auto-immune, psychological, intoxication as well as others.

The number of sessions needed depends on each individual case and it is recommended to have one session every three months as a preventative method.

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