I became a Registered Massage Therapist in Mexico in 2008 and after working with the human body over several years, I came to the understanding that we can’t function at our best if some part of us is not working properly.

After experiencing the power of healing through energy I decided to commit to learning the healing art form of Reiki becoming a Master Reiki from HIspanoamericana Mikao Usui S.C.. In pursuing more options to help our bodies with their natural healing powers I came across Biomagnetism Therapy and obtained certification from Doctor Isaac Goiz, the founder of Biomagnetism therapy.

After having my second son through surgery, some post part complications prevented me from walking even just a few steps. I then turned to Craniosacral Therapy which had me walking again after just one session. Impressed by the subtle touch and great results I committed myself to learning this Therapy. I am now certified in CST1, CST2, SER1 by the Upledger Institute.

The incorporation of these therapies (Massage, Reiki, BIomagnetism, Craniosacral) in combination with Aromatherapy through powerful essential oils, has proven to be highly effective as a preventative method and a quicker recovery for illnesses.

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